A Sallysubs New Year, new projects, sally’s break and monies

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the few gifts you got from us for Christmas. Even though we’re not done yet I am going to keep the others for around New Year’s to let our seedbox catch up on all the seeding it has to do. Meanwhile during this time, your lord and savior here will be going on a short break/vacation. Instead of being mainstream and going to the ocean during the summer, I’m going during the fucking winter because why not. I’ll be staring at the ocean a lot and playing a fuckton of pokemon go for most of it probably.

I’ll be back in time for New Year’s so someone better yell at my staff while I’m away to finish their shit so I can release it when I return.
Now as far as new projects go, We’ll be doing Re_Hamatora, a secret movie which you should see soon, Galilei Donna and 2 shows that are not officially confirmed yet is the series of Natsume (Yes, all of it) and Stray dogs. If someone else has other ideas, as always feel free to discuss it here. But be aware that starting now we’ll be cutting down on the amount of shows we do due to personal time constraints, etc… So don’t suggest too much ;__;

And again, I got till the 15th to collect money for the donations but I’m already putting it out there cus I like to be on time. Luckily this month we need a bit less, so we only need like 140 Euros in total. If you can, please consider leaving a donation so we can afford our server for the next month or 2 🙂

So, I hope you all had a fun Christmas, enjoy your week and play nice while I’m gone ok?