1) What exactly do you guys do?
– Fair Question, we release blurays using mainly other groups their subs. Although we use them we have our own people go over them so that any mistakes get fixed and any missing typesetting gets added by us. Occasionally we will also put (new) karaoke in the OP and change the ED TL if we think it is nessecary to make the viewing experience better.

2) How do you decide on what subs you will use?
– First we look at all the avaiable groups, then we exclude those groups that will be doing those blurays themselves using their subs. From the groups left we pick the best one, this might lead to 2 different groups being used in 1 sub, for example TL from Hatsuyuki and the typesetting from DameDesuYo.

3) I’m the leader of x group and i do not want you to use our subs in your releases.
– I’m sorry to hear that, although we always credit the group which material we used i understand if you do not want it, in this case please contact me on IRC or on Sallyriana.fansub@outlook.com.

4) I’d like to join your group (but i have no experience) and i’m experienced.
– Yay! In that case simply ask me on IRC or send me an email at Sallyriana@sallysubs.comย and i will get back to you.

5) Will you do x show?
– If we aren’t doing it already you can always request it on the request page but please look first if it’s already been denied.

6) I have a suggestion or a complaint.
– Find me on IRC for these things.

7)ย What are your encoding settings?
–ย All encodes will be done in 10-bit, settings may vary but It will never be console/smartphone/etc friendly.

8)ย What raw’s do you use for your releases?
– We don’t, BDMV’s only.