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Ask Me Anything – Sally

To break the silence I’ll do an AMA, comment any questions you have and I’ll add them to this post with the answer. Please refrain from asking personal questions as I will not answer those (If I’m taken or single/where I live/etc…) but feel free to ask about studies or other less personal stuff.

How many hours a week do you spend on these projects?
That depends, if I actually do something it’s easily 2 hours on a work/class day, during weekend/holidays it sometimes is more than 5 hours a day.

What Hardware do you use for encoding?
I use my personal computer, I7-6700K, GTX 970, 16GB RAM.

Is the Jet real?
The jet is very real, but he is very slow on his work and doesn’t listen very well.

Did you get a chance to check out VR yet? Either Oculus or the Vive? If not, excited for it?
I did not get a chance yet but I’ll be going to gamescom in august so I will be able to try it there hopefully.

Do you partake in hentai? If so are you a hentai master?

What kind of education are you going for? Whats your average time for encoding?
I’ll be finishing my network administrator/manager course on friday.
Encoding times vary a lot, some 720p take an hour and others 3-4 hours. Same for 1080, some take 3-4 hours while others take 6-7 hours.

What course are you taking and what let you to do BluRay encodes?
I just use x264 with windows cmd.
And what let me to do BD releases? I wanted to try my hand at subbing and I just joined some people and tried it, I liked it and after a while this happened.

just wondering, Sally is he or she?
Neither, I’m an AI programmed to take over the world and enslave humanity, starting with the people they call “weeaboos”.

What groups were you in prior to the creation of this one?
I was helping the person who was in AnimeNOW under sallyriana after a while, when he quit I moved on to hatsuyuki and now this.

If someone donated enough to cover the cost of a bluray set, would you take requests?
Only if I want to sub that show.

how long do you seed your projects for and do you keep a back catalogue for ddl if people stop seeding
Everything is still seeded, mostly twice even. I don’t have a time period.


Wakaba Girl – Vol 7 End (BD)

[SallySubs] Wakaba Girl - 14 [BD 1080p FLAC] [].avs.mkv_snapshot_03.32_[2015.12.19_03.04.05]

Torrent maps are mislabled. So if you download the 1080p, the map will say 720p but it is in fact 1080p.

TL: CR (Edited)/14: Original
TS: Original

1080p 10-bit:
[SallySubs] Wakaba Girl – Vol.07 End [BD 1080p FLAC]

Torrent | Magnet | XDCC

720p 10-bit:
[SallySubs] Wakaba Girl – Vol.07 End [BD 720p AAC]

Torrent | Magnet | XDCC