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Update on our older torrents

In preparation for our Phoenix/Christmas Event I have started to upload new torrents for our older shows that are not being re-done but still use old trackers.
Basically this means that nothing changes to the release except for the torrent, they include the current trackers we use which should result in better connection with seeds (or so I heard).
There won’t be any new posts for these, instead the links will just silently be replaced.

Below you can find a list of the shows that will be getting new torrents, if you’re currently seeding one or multiple of these I ask that you delete the torrent (NOT THE FILES) and rehash it with the new torrent. I will update the list below everytime a new torrent has been uploaded.

Tokyo ESP –> Done
Ryuugajou nanana no Maizoukin –> Not Done
Barakamon –> Done
Brynhildr –> Not Done
Chaika S1 – S2 –> Not Done
No Game No Life + Specials –> Not Done
Mahouka –> Not Done