Recruiting Timers, TL/TLC and Typesetters


Looking for Timers!

Hi guys, Kuromii here with my debut site post!

As you may be aware, we, like most subbing groups, have our doors open for anyone who wishes to apply and contribute to bringing subtitled bluray anime to the fans. Over the last few months we’ve had a reasonable amount of people apply to be QCers, a translator, an editor and a typesetter. But what about timers?

Since I joined in October we have had two timers join us. One is slowly learning and taking their time to improve, and the other vanished off the face of the earth almost immediately. So this still leaves Sally as the sole timer of the group and, as you can imagine, everyone has their limits. Sally has timed every single episode the group has ever released. As in timed from scratch, not just simply shifting the subs. And after three years of this, I think its reasonable for Sally to want some proper help with timing.

So if you are a timer, are interested in learning to time, or know someone who fits these requirements, please do consider applying. You can get in contact with us at #sallysubs on Rizon IRC; ask for either Sally or Kuromii or just DM one of us.
Alternatively you can email us at