Qualidea Code – Vol 1 (BD)

TL: CR (Edited)
TS: SallySubs, OPEDkfx: RakuenSubs

1080p 10-bit:
[SallySubs] Qualidea Code – Vol.01 [BD 1080p FLAC]

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720p 10-bit:
[SallySubs] Qualidea Code – Vol.01 [BD 720p AAC]

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4 Responses

  1. whats the difference between this and your previous release?

    P/S: chapter still broken for EP02

    • Sally says:

      Goddamnit, I forgot it was for this show –‘
      Anyway, this one has updated encoding and follows the the standard the other eps will follow.

  2. deviljhoe says:

    you release 2 version?

  3. Mayjun says:


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