Welcome to this particular page! If you’re here that must mean you are interested in joining us! Or you were just curious what is on here.

As a Bluray group we are verry noob-friendly, this means that if someone would like to get into the anime-subbing business we are a great place to start and learn! But even if you are experienced but you don’t have that much time to work weekly on newly aired anime, we might just be the place for you too!

As a bluray group we pick up multiple shows at once, but we always leave a spot or 2 open because people can suggest shows they would like to see have a BD release, this means that each month there will be a period where we will be busy because most animes get 1 bluray volume each month and mostly they all appear around the same time, ofcourse you will not be working on every show so you won’t get swamped with work each month.

If you’d like to join us you need to know what you will get yourself into, for that i summed it up nicely for you below.

As a SallySubs Member you will have the following:

– Work on 2-3 shows at a time (depending on your own amount of free-time)

– Be a part of a fun but crazy community.

– You get to have a say about what shows we do/what subs we use.


So if after all this you still want to join us, simply email me at Sallyriana.sallysubs@gmail.comย and state your name and for what position you’d like to apply.