1. Before you request, see if your show is in the rejected list.
  2. Use the comment section to request.
  3. This is only for blurays, not airing TV-Shows.
  4. Just because you request a show that isn’t done yet, doesn’t mean we will do it.


Any Special/extras, etc…
Date A live
Kill la Kill
Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Ren
Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita.
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Akame Ga Kill!
Mangaka-san to assistant-san
Sora no otoshimono
Space Dandy 2
Tokyo Ravens
To Love Ru
Triage X
Shinmai Testament
Working S1-2-3
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

220 Responses

  1. Fuzza says:

    Is there a chance for Shomin Sample BD release?

  2. kojuurou says:

    Is there a chance for Hikaru No Go BD release?

  3. Laura Morgenstern says:

    Any chance for Ouran High School Host Club or Samurai Champloo? Would love to replace my 480p Lunar subs for Ouran.

  4. Any chance for Mononoke? There’s no 1080p version.

  5. Driger says:

    Can I request “God Eater”?

  6. Kuroka~ says:

    How about Himouto! Umaru-chan? It was a pretty fun show..

  7. Dylan21 says:

    Bungou Stray Dogs, Concrete Revolutio, Kuromukuro, 91 Days, Ushio to Tora or Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu would be really great.

    • Koby says:

      No one seems to be sharing the 91 Days BDMV, otherwise I’d have done it since I did the subtitles for it while it was airing.

  8. Gell says:

    I’d like to request Kiniro Mosaic S2:)

  9. sallyfans says:

    request Trinity Seven Movie

  10. Darkdrium says:

    I believe I once requested Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry here and you rejected it, this is more of a reminder to add it to your rejected list ๐Ÿ˜‰ Take care.

  11. CapedBaldy says:

    Yuri!!! On ice would be great as well.

  12. A Right Snob says:

    Any plans on Re:Zero ? Desuyo Picked it up but seems like they won’t finish it.

  13. CapedBaldy says:

    Yuri!!! On Ice maybe? Nobody picked it up as it aired and haven’t heard of plans of anyone doing it yet.

    • Sally says:

      Nobody is uploading the BDs though, but there was some initial interest in this.

      • CapedBaldy says:

        Ah well that sucks. :/ Was it Yuri!!! On Ice that they made unavailable for sale to outside of Japan? If so, that could explain it why no-one has uploaded the BDs yet despite its popularity.

        • Kuromii says:

          Yeah, YOI was the show most well known for being affected by the ban on sales outside of Japan. That being said, all you gotta do is have money and friends in Japan willing to buy on your behalf. If the BDs don’t appear online by the end of the year at the latest, I’ll buy them myself and have them sent to a friend over there.

          • Mila says:

            I’m so happy to see this! I’ve really been hoping to find a Remux with English subs, but there don’t even seem to be any without.

            I thought the ban on sales outside of Japan would mean someone would definitely upload it lol. It’s a decently popular show so there would be interest.

  14. Delta says:

    hmmm what about Accel world the movie since no one has picked it up yet please

  15. Shineek says:

    What about for once some idiot reads about the group before he post something, How many times does it have to be repeated so that idiots read it for once. Sallysubs is not a fansubber but a encoder group, they dont translate anything just retime already existing subs to work with the BD’s, Accel World Movie has none english subs as of now so they cant do it, And in cases of movies it would be pointless for them to waste time on it as there will arleady be a BD release out if there will be subs for that movie.

  16. llama says:

    Can you do Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis BD’s?

  17. Can you do duel masters

  18. Enmie says:

    I haven’t seen any proper Chaos Dragon BD release please

    • Koby says:

      Kametsu has done the two that have been released, and they’ll be doing the 3rd (last one) whenever it comes out with official subtitles to work with.

  19. Alan says:

    Can you please do Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?

  20. any chance you will do chaos dragon , alderamin on the sky or kuromukuro

    • CapedBaldy says:

      >Alderamin on the Sky
      Yes please.
      This would be great as well
      >Chaos Dragon
      It seems it was so bad that DameDesuYo won’t be doing the BDs (which they always do for shows they sub, even ISUCA).

      • Koby says:

        No one is sharing Alderamin BDMV. Only one I know who has it is Neko, and he only shared it with Beatrice. So anyone willing to do it at this point either has to use their encodes or buy the Blu-ray. \o/ That said, Kantai said if they could get the BDMV they wanted to do Blu-rays of their subtitles. And I’d also have liked to encoded Alderamin had I been able to get ahold of the BDMV.

      • Kuromii says:

        The new group Sumire are doing Alderamin and will release it as a batch. That said, I don’t know the source of their BD files. I’m not sure if they’re using BDMVs, but I’ll ask.

  21. Kurune says:

    Request Bungo Stray Dogs

  22. Mob Psycho 100? Would love to see a Bluray quality of that.

  23. anime says:

    any chance you will pick up Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu?, seems like it was dropped by Harunatsu

  24. Tykee says:

    Please do Kimi no na wa

    • Enmie says:

      lol kimi no na wa’s BD is not yet available that means no source to be worked on

      • Tykee says:

        i heard that Amazon U.K. Starts Accepting Pre-orders for “Your Name.” DVD/Blu-ray for October 30, 2017 Release, and when they do, i trust Sally to work harder to make this release archivable. btw sally’s Fate/kalied release is the best i hope you do 3rei! too thanks so much for all this years of service

        • Tykee says:

          PS. i would love to see [Sally-Tsundere] joint effort in this release both is my favorite fansub ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Sally says:

            I don’t think any group wants to do a joint with us since they all seem to hate us. Except Chihiro ofc.

  25. Kirikoon says:

    Bof seasons.
    nuff said

    • Koby says:

      Someone certainly needs to pick up the S2 slack. S1 was done by Chinpo/Keepo utilizing Manko’s subtitles and then fixed up for consistency by [Idle] and the dub included from CR. I believe Idle wants/intends to eventually do S2 but it’d probably involve me grabbing the BDMV to encode for him at some point and wouldn’t happen until the dub is available.

      Not so sure Mecha/Gundam is something SallySubs’ staff actually like, but since no responses on the request, I’d assume it was likely either overlooked or a no.

  26. Capricious Bibek says:

    Can you guys sub Chibi Maruko-chan ? I can provide HD links

  27. CapedBaldy says:

    My Hero Academia seeing that FFF never got past the 1st episode.

  28. jon says:

    any chance for aquarion logos

  29. Anime Shon says:

    Can you sub the bl-ray version of BIG ORDER?

  30. sallyfans says:

    can you please do Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon? Pretty Fun Show

    • Sally says:

      Hf waiting on DDY

      • sallyfans says:

        pls dont do this to me

        • Sally says:

          I wanted to do it, staff said no. I’m powerless.

          • jon says:

            seems like this is the end for BD releases ?if you release tv releases

          • Sally says:

            Why? Because we decided to do 1 tv release per season we suddenly can’t do BDs anymore? You’ll still get plenty of BD releases lol.

          • Jonesy974 says:

            It’d be great if you staff didn’t seem to have complete dominance over you nowadays. Can still reminisce on the good old days where we got loads of releases of all different kinds of shows. Now we get 35 shows a season and we’re lucky if the “staff” decides they want to do even one.

          • Sally says:

            Lol, the “good old days” are the days when I slapped the scripts on BD encodes and fixed what I found. In other words: Not fixed scripts, probably consistency errors, etc… Now all of that is fixed cus we have staff. Our quality went up by so much. I highly doubt you prefer quantity over quality. Also nobody has dominance over me. Where do you think yugioh came from? Me. Flying Witch? All me, nobody wanted to do that but I did so you still got it. So yeah, I’m sorry that I want to deliver actual quality so I won’t do shows that don’t have the support of at least 1 staff member. Also, sport animes suck.

          • Sally says:

            Oh and, said years ago I loved timing and could do it for days at end. Now I don’t anymore. I still do as much as possible but I have my limit. I’m trying my best here and I try to hire more timers so we can deliver more stuff but nobody is interested in timing and I’m sure as hell not doing 9-10 shows myself. You people seem to think all I do is shift the script but I actually time every single episode manually you know. So I’d appreciate it if you would stop shitting on my staff and actually understand how much work this is. What we do isn’t just copy paste man.

          • Kuromii says:

            Jonesy what are you on about? Every group operates as a GROUP. If only one staff member wants to do something, chances are the group won’t do it unless that staff member can convince others to do it. This goes for all groups. You have no idea what our personal lives and other commitments are like, and you have no idea who is doing what behind the scenes. No one has control over Sally whatsoever.

            In this case, all the staff said it would be pointless to deliberately tread on DDY’s toes and release Maid Dragon when we know they have the best script and will be doing their own release. What would be the point?

        • CapedBaldy says:

          DameDesuYo will be doing them, so rather pointless as their release is excellent already for the TV version (encode is also great for a TV release).

  31. Bozzzzzz says:

    Iron-Blooded Orphans ?

  32. jon says:

    i sure hope so ^^. i follow your releases since the start of this group so XD

  33. munbs says:

    Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut ? may be

  34. Tykee says:

    please do 1080p The Melacholy of Haruhi suzumiya S1 and S2 in chronological Order release with english and japanese karaoke OP and ED, Thanks

  35. baldie says:

    Would love it if you could do Ninja Senshi Tobikage. It’s an old show but they recently released remastered Blurays. Raws are on nyaa

  36. Jonesy974 says:

    Keijo maybe?

    • Kuromii says:


      • Jonesy974 says:

        The answer wont change, which is fine, but I’d rather hear that from Sally than from you. Since I have no idea who you are, nor do I really want to know.

        • Sally says:

          Wew lad, some respect to senior management would be nice and not out of place.
          Also, No.

        • Jonesy974 says:

          Oh boy, a QCer. Obviously the quarterback of the team.

          • Kuromii says:



            None of the QCers want to do Keijo because the script is fucking shit and we don’t care enough about the show to make the script good. If we were to release it without fixing the script, it would be an insult to the downloaders.

            And yes I am the “quarterback” of the group, thanks very much. Again, you do not know what goes on behind the scenes and what we do that doesn’t get broadcast here.

          • Koby says:

            Disrespecting staff because you feel their rank isn’t high enough up the totem pole for you isn’t going to get you anywhere. Regardless of what position someone fills on the team, they’re all just as important. Without one, a release is unfinished at best. Kuromii has a huge part in what does or doesn’t get done in SallySubs. So if you’re going to be rude like that, it’s best you don’t even bother. You’re definitely not going to find someone willing to fill your requests while insulting their staff.

  37. allenloisnichi says:

    Please do upload When they Cry (S1 and S2)

  38. Eyk says:

    Hello any chance for Anne Happy ?

    • Kuromii says:

      DmonHiro slapped HS’s scripts onto his own BD encodes and left the sub files separate so that people can style as they please (at least I assume that’s why he left that separate). I’ve styled mine to match SallySubs’ releases, for example.

  39. Paradox says:

    Any chance you could do Kuzu No Honkai?

  40. splay says:

    Can u please release Angel Beats anime in dual-audio…
    And is there is a way that I can download your subtitles, since u guys deal with only subs. and I’m a dual-audio looker, so it’s complicating for me to find your subs ..
    Your subs are awesome than anyone..

  41. Ray Vmb says:

    Any chance for Berserk 2016?

  42. XlyGer says:

    What about Kokoro Connect?

  43. Jonesy974 says:

    You ever think about adding the two Monster Musume OVAs to the list since you already did the show itself? Unfortunately they decided that BD quality wasn’t necessary and stuck to the crap DVD release for those.

  44. CapedBaldy says:

    Girlish Number and The Art Club Has a Problem would be great. Saw someone ask GJM about GN and they said it’s a very low priority, so can only expect that from them in 2022. And doesn’t seem like DDY have the Art Club anime planned anymore (not in their BD list). Both seem like great and enjoyable anime but don’t have any good releases unfortunately. Think GN has BDs with untouched Viewster subs slapped on, which is not ideal.. Art Club has no BDs currently.

    • CapedBaldy says:

      Okay just found Harunatsu has started doing the BD for Konobi, so never mind for that one.

      • CapedBaldy says:

        But Gi(a)rlish Number would still be great, due to the main character who seems to be a lot like Watashi in Humanity Has Declined. Plus My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU’s author (Wataru Watari) is the original creator for this along with doing the series composition for the anime.

  45. Bahlskra says:

    Please do Mob Psycho 100, all the blu-ray are available (SFEO-Raws) and nobody do them.

  46. Slysoft says:

    I really want to catch up on Sailor Moon Crystal, but the first two seasons were heavily edited for the Bluray release, and so far the only complete release of them has bad encoding and meh subtitles. Is there a chance that this show would get the Sally treatment?

    • Kuromii says:

      I would love to do Sailor Moon, the original was my first anime, but I don’t think it’ll interest other staff.

  47. Ivan Sanchez says:

    can you please do long riders bd’s please?

  48. sleaszer8546 says:

    Hey. Can you please do Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut or Sakamoto desu ga? Thanks.

  49. Can you please do Dimension W

  50. El Espaniol says:

    Any chance for Shokugeki no Souma? Thanks in advance

  51. bigblackwack says:

    The Blu-Ray raws of Concrete Revolutio just came out, any chances of that show?

    • CapedBaldy says:

      Would be amazing to see this in bluray quality. A creative BONES action series really needs a BD release for those amazing looking action scenes

  52. Tomorrow's Harvest says:

    Gabriel DropOut?

  53. CALOY! says:


    • CapedBaldy says:

      GJM, although will take a few years probably

    • Koby says:

      MK did a 720p BD in dual-audio using Simuldub audio.
      He’ll be redoing it with BD audio when the USBD comes out, along with a 1080p.
      Probably still will end up being out before GJM gets to it (they got a lot of BD backlog).
      Hoping GJM does Orange Mirai though.

  54. boooooody says:

    i want the bluray of toaru majutsu no index season 2

    • Kuromii says:

      Index S2 has been released in bluray by:

      Some guy called Chrisazter213

      So you have 7 BD releases to choose from for this show already. We won’t be adding an 8th.

      • Tykee says:

        im also looking for Index S2 in a 1080p 10-bit release but failed to find it so any idea where i can get some? also no one release it in 1080p, i’ve seen CGi release one or two but dropped it idk why thou.

    • Anon says:

      Index S1 : Thora
      Index S2 : Coalgirls
      Railgun and OVA : Chihiro
      Railgun S : Coalgirls
      Index-tan : Eclipse
      Index-tan II : From Elysium’s Index II release
      MMR I and II and Railgun 13.5 : Judgement
      MMR III and IV : UTW-Mazui
      Railgun S OVA : Tsundere
      Endymion and Endymion-tan : UTW-Mazui

  55. gibran says:

    Can you please do One Punch Man 2 when it’s out?

    Sorry for my bad english

  56. CapedBaldy says:

    The Anthem of the Heart would be great if you decide to do a film. I hear the Aniplex script for it was pretty shit, so would be nice to get a great release for this, especially due to it being done by the same staff as AnoHana.

    • Kuromii says:

      I’ll put it to the translator, see what he thinks!

      • CapedBaldy says:

        Thank you, been wanting to watch this since last year. Been trying to patiently wait for someone to pick it up (which I thought it would be due to the reception and staff) but guess not, which is rather weird especially due the positive reception and staff involved along with the production values. :/

  57. Tykee says:

    ben-to 1080p [10-bit] batch release?

  58. Milkyway says:

    Can I request for tonari no seki-kun? can’t seem to find a better release anywhere with subs.. there is two but it’s a tvrip lel.

  59. COLLY says:


  60. feng says:

    since yall ready worked on schwarzesmarken, can you consider doing muv-luv alternative?

  61. Jesus Price says:

    can you consider doing muv-luv since yall already worked on schwarzesmarken

  62. Aka says:

    Please, do Yuri on ICE! I’m dying for it and a lot of my friends as well…

  63. Xirix says:

    I know you already did One Punch Man, but it would be nice to have Cthuko’s subs on a BD source since they actually finished it.

    • Kuromii says:

      We aren’t re-visiting OPM.

    • Koby says:

      Cthuko barely edited OPM at all. Aside from like 2-3 phrases per episode (like Lady vs. Girl), it was identical to Commie and Crunchyroll. So there is no reason to redo it as there wouldn’t be any noticeable changes.

  64. newkev says:

    I know it’s old but would you consider Koutetsushin Jeeg ?

  65. Smurf says:

    Any chance at Hello! Kiniro Mosaic BDs?

  66. Mirodo says:

    Will you do Kakegurui? If not, what shows are planned for summer season?

  67. BL says:

    Will you do the latest Tenchi Muyo Yon-Ki?

  68. voltekkaV says:

    Could you do Concrete Revolutio? No one’s done it.

  69. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think anyone else has picked up Fate/Apocrypha yet, and there are lots of people waiting/begging.
    If you could be the first one to get some subs out, the type moon community sure is huge and would probably net you a lot more traffic.

  70. Which fansub picked up Fate/Apocrypha?

    • Kuromii says:

      UTW released like 5 minutes after I’d finished editing our script. But no worries, we decided against carrying on with it because they’ll do a great job.

  71. Alex W says:

    There’s no interest in the new Negima BD boxes should rips become available by any chance is there? Bit of a long shot but curious to know if groups even still care about such an old show with such a messy adaptation history.

  72. Paradox says:

    Any chance of having Sousei no Onmyouji picked up? Seems nobody is picking it up from what i can find.

  73. Chung says:

    can you do pokemon movie 19? found a lot of dub but i wanted sub (with japan audio)

  74. Mderms says:

    Any chance of a Log Horizon 3 release when (if) its ever announced?

  75. BL says:

    Somebody forgot to answer this question. Will you do the latest Tenchi Muyo Yon-Ki?

  76. Can i request ‘Boku No Hero Academia’ season 1 and season 2( after it’s completed)?

  77. BL says:

    I like to request the completion of the final season of Tenchi Muyo ( Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki Dai Yon-ki ) The final episode (BD) has been released for 2 months.

  78. Nana says:

    Heloo and good morning! Is there any chance of making a big batch of Natsume Yuujinchou? Like, from season 1 to 6? I think the BD for season six has already been released or will release soon…
    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. CapedBaldy21 says:

    Tsuki ga Kirei would be an amazing pick. Was extremely well-received, has a great staff involved and seems really good. No fansub group picked up the TV release and haven’t heard of any planning for the BDs yet, so this would be a much appreciated choice. /

  80. Jonathan Sia says:

    Grisaia no Kajitsu please. I cant find any decent BD download for this series and I believe it is worth it. Thx for considering.

  81. Flower says:

    Could I make an additional request for Concrete Revolutio BDs? A really interesting and grossly underrated series imo.

  82. NAV says:

    Any chance for:

    Ao Haru Ride
    Lovely Complex

  83. abode ali says:

    any possibility for doing K: Missing Kings

  84. Jonathan Sia says:

    Seirei Tsukai No blade Dance please. The torrent from Nyaa only has one seeder and the download speed is terrible. I hope to get it too please help.

  85. The Darker says:

    Is it possible to do katekyo hitman reborn?

  86. Chocolate says:

    Requesting Koyomonogatari and Nisemonogatari ๐Ÿ˜€

  87. transitoryhikikomori says:

    I complain about load times, and have the unmitigated gall to ask for…. Level E.

  88. Ivan says:

    Can I request Hinako note? please

  89. akpmzero11 says:

    just waiting for SNK Season 2 Bluray

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