Witch Craft Works – Phoenix Batch (BD)


What’s Phoenix?
Old Batch -> Phoenix Batch Changelog

TL: CR (Edited)
Typeset: Watakushi-Nameless/SallySubs

1080p 10-bit:
[SallySubs] Witch Craft Works [BD 1080p FLAC]

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720p 10-bit:
[SallySubs] Witch Craft Works [BD 720p AAC]

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13 Responses

  1. deadman80 says:

    Thank you very much. ^^
    Any plans to do the OVA after this?

  2. Dark Angel says:

    Merry Christmas Sally!

    Also question, i have AnimeNOW Witch Craft Works BD Version Should i swap my AnimeNOW with yours?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Sallyriana says:

      Most definetly. This one is 100 times better.

      • Dark Angel says:

        Also looking at my HDDs i found another Copy of Witch Craft Works an older version of yours 1080p FLAC 12,1 GB. Size. I am starting to search older version / replace with new once and in 17TB of anime i have found some Series that i forgot i had had them. And i am in works of moving them in huge bigger HDDs… And this it brings me headaches…

  3. nope says:

    No OVA makes me a sad panda.

  4. Ankad says:

    There are some frame issues in the OP, around 01:11-01:12 in NCOP file. I provided a link in the below to clear up what I’m talking about.


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